About the Band

Card Catalog is a Boulder Rock band on the Colorado scene. They will make you move your feet with their bluesy 90's vibe! Dalton Clayton, Jenn Tatro and Kelton Kragor found each other in 2013 working downtown in Boulder. They met up one day to just jam, and--bam!--chemistry happened. They started writing and creating music soon after that. They slowly made the move from Kelton's house in Louisville to Dog House Studios in Lafayette, Colorado. They later found Ricky Brewer (also their producer) and Ryan Wheale who began drumming for them.

About the Members

Jen Tatro: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Dalton Clayton: Lead guitar

Kelton Kragor: Bass

Ricky Brewer and Ryan Wheale: Drums

About the Music

We write all our own music and live shows consist mainly of our originals with a few covers sprinkled in the mix. Our sound is a bluesy rock influenced by 70s and 90s rock.

About the Shows

We play Events, Festivals, Bars, Shops and House Parties
Shows Range from 30min to 2 hours

Upcoming Events

  • 8/17

    Larimer Lounge in Denver

  • 9/9

    Salto in Nederland

  • 9/13

    Oriental Theater in Denver

  • 9/17

    Cervantes in Denver

  • 9/30

    Longtucky in Longmont

  • 12/16

    Bootstrap Brewery in Niwot


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